Hear from the fintech industry’s leaders and innovators from across the Asia Pacific region.

Episode 09 – The ASEAN Fintech Future is BRIGHT!

Markus Gnirck from tryb Capital takes us on a tour across the ASEAN region and explains the huge fintech opportunity here for startups, investors and banks alike.

Episode 08 – The power of AI across AI and emerging markets

Ayesha Khanna, CEO of Addo.ai, talk to the power of AI in emerging markets and internal bank systems

Episode 7 – Asian Digitisation, Disintermediation, Democritisation, Decentralisation

Professor David Lee from UniSim sweeps across a fintech future in Asia, that sees a strong presence of blockchain, startups, IOT and even the incumbents. His views are based over many years of pioneering work in hedge funds, investment management, venture capital and academia.

Episode 6 – Meet Alexa, your new career development coach

We talk to PortfolioQuest CEO Michelle Katics on the future of learning, adapting and transforming through technology, and how we might manage our careers and businesses in future.

Episode 5 – Enabling the women of Asia to build their financial futures

Anna Haotanto, CEO of TheNewSavvy.com, talks about her mission to encourage women in Asia to become financially aware, educated and empowered.

Episode 4 – Applications of blockchain in the Asian region

This week we talk to Antony Lewis from R3 on the recent applications of blockchain and DLT here in Asia, and the latest developments and members of the R3 consortium.

Episode 3 – Building Innovation & Transformation Leadership & Cultures

Cade Tan, COO of the DBS Innovation Group, and Jon Tanner, Partner at Mitchell Lake, discuss the progress and requisite attributes banks and insurers need to gain in their talent, capability and project pipelines to endure and thrive through this disruption phase (or is it the new norm?)

Episode 2 – The Power of AI and Deep Learning in Banking

We talk to Ian Chapman-Banks, Founder & CEO of Sqreem Technologies, on his rise as an entrepreneur to launching in Singapore, and the impact and power of AI and date in banking. Ian has a long history in various technology companies – Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, Dell – and then ended up in entrepreneurship, now starting Sqreem, in Singapore.

Episode 1 – Robo Advisors & the Asian Wealth Customer

Ned Phillips, Founder & CEO of Bambu, joins us to share his entrepreneurial journey in creating the fastest growing B2B robo advisory platform in Asia, and on the broader Asian wealth landscape. Bambu recently won the Best Early Stage Startup prize at the 2017 Next Money Fintech Finals in Hong Kong.

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