Online accounting software firm Xero has promised a “full post mortem” after an Amazon Web Services took out its entire, global operation for four hours recently.

Several websites and services such as Quora and IFTTT were affected but the fintech firm’s 900,000 customers in 180 countries make it a big business in comparison.

Xero spokeswoman Alex Mercer said “like all things in tech, we learn from it”, vowing to implement systems and redundancies to prevent a repeat.

For their part, Amazon has blamed the cascading collapse of its servers at the S3 installation in North Virginia on “human error” and also promises to have implemented procedures to stop this happening again.

Regardless, fintech startups might well be served remembering my old grandmother’s wisdom; “There’s no such thing as the cloud; it’s just someone else’s computer*”.

*(That’s a lie. My gran never said any such thing)