20,000 people attended IBM’s Interconnect convention in Las Vegas this week, where CEO Ginny Rometty outlined the company’s bold strategy.

Cloud, AI and Blockchain are the focus of the infotech giant, and not just as discrete product lines. They want to make your cloud cognitive and run your blockchain applications on mainframes.

IBM’s flagship AI project Watson is not just winning games of Jeopardy! but is now also advising end-users on a range of issues from tax accounting and legal research to cancer care. Rometty has targeted a $10 billion annual revenue from the business within ten years.

Rometty isn’t coy about blockchain either. She said; “I believe Blockchain will do for trusted transactions what the Internet has done for information.

IBM changes what it does. In its 106 year history it has made cash registers, pre-computers, ATMs, PCs, printers and a bunch of other stuff – even weapons. I still can’t get over the fact that they sold their PC division when they created the industry standard I grew up with.

So when IBM goes all-in on new technologies, you know it’s serious. You know that blockchain and AI are going to be everywhere.